Retaining Rings & Wire Snap Rings Manufactuerer

Looking for pins or retaining rings? pls take a look our products. As a professional manufacturer of retaining rings and wire snap rings in China, we manufacture high quality products and supply it to Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Greece, U.S.A, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and Europe etc. Over 20 years experiences, we always supply satisfied goods and service to our customers.

Our main products include retaining rings, snap rings, hose clamps, cotter pins, R pins, spring pins clevis pins, clip nuts, parallel keys, spring washer, wave washer, square beveled washer etc. The dimension can as DIN, ASME/ANSI, ISO, GB, JIS, AS, BS, UNI standards.

Our capacity over 500 tons per month, the production mainly by Stamping, Cold forging, Hot forging and lathe tooling. We have own heat treatment equipments, only the surface treatment was done outside. Custom designs welcome !

retaining rings

Retaining Rings

Retaining Rings for shaft / External Retaining rings, Retaining rings for bore / Internal retaining rings, E-criclips

Retaining Rings Standard:
snap rings

Snap Rings

Snap ring made by wire transform. series SP, SW, WR, M2400, DIN 5417, RW, RB, NNF, NCL, SL01, SL02, DIN 7993 etc. available

  • DIN 5417
  • DIN 7993
  • M2400
hose clamps

Hose Clamps

Worm gear hose clamp, wire clamps, ear hose clamp and spring hose clamp. American type, Germany type and British type available.
  • American Type Hose Clamps
  • Germany Type Hose Clamps
  • American Type Hose Clamps
  • High Strength Hose Clamps
cotter pins


Cotter Pins / Split Pins, Spring Pins, R Pins, Hitch pins made of quality spring steel.

spring washer


Flat washer, Spring Washer, Wave Washer, Safety Lock Washer, Square washer.

  • DIN 9250
  • DIN 25201
  • DIN 127
  • DIN 125
  • DIN 9021
  • DIN 7980
  • NFE 25-511
  • F436
spring washer


Shaft Nuts, Clip Nuts, Weld Nuts
  • DIN 981
  • DIN 928
  • DIN 929